Miami Web Fest is a film festival for web series that started in 2014.  The 2021 edition will take place June 10-13  at the Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort, offering both in-person local events and online experiences for worldwide audiences.  The event is designed to create a work-play environment, attracting Miami’s vast and multicultural community of arts enthusiasts. For attendees, Miami Web Fest is a “window into the future” of new media, allowing the general public to see independently produced shows before they are discovered by big television networks and media entities such as Netflix and others. It’s also a chance to party and mingle with the stars of the New Digital Age at some of the most exclusive hotspots in Miami!

While the purpose of this event is to bring exposure to the work of independent filmmakers, this year is unique because in many cases we are helping these filmmakers to restart their gig-based careers after Covid stopped them.  In addition, we are bringing hope to the next generation by offering complimentary admission to selected high-school aged students in at-risk communities who show interest in the arts in an effort to spark the creative genius within them, through seminars, panels, and mentorship sessions with creators.

The focus of the 2021 event is Rebuilding the Small Business Community post-pandemic (including independent filmmakers). The “Filmmaker Small Business Forum” will provide business advice for Independent Filmmakers and other related small businesses designed to identify growth opportunities and support mechanisms to help small businesses succeed.  Businesses and organizations such as the SBA, SCORE, Banks, and others will be present to discuss support mechanisms designed to help small businesses identify and capitalize on growth opportunities that will help them rebuild and thrive.

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